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Corinthians Naturopathic College, Inc., is a non-traditional / non-residential, Christian higher academic institution for Natural Health. (A non-profit, non-stock corporation, incorporated under the laws of the State of North Carolina, USA).

Naturopathic Health Education

          Interest in alternative health education has increased in recent years. This school seeks to cater to the needs of the people who are seeking knowledge in natural health, and promote awareness that the human body has its own powerful capabilities of healing itself. There is an alternative to conventional medicine in achieving optimum health.The word "doctor" comes from the Latin word 'docere' meaning 'to teach.' Naturopaths teach natural ways to enhance good health, optimum wellness and encourage longevity. The Naturopathic approach is holistic and focuses on maintaining wellness with an emphasis on causes of disease and its prevention.

         We emphasize in creating a lifestyle which includes pure water, clean air, wholesome food, proper diet and nutrition, exercise, sunshine, proper living, appropriate rest, right thinking, absence from toxic substance, temperance, water, trust in divine providence and a number of other natural practices which lead to a balanced living concept. In cases where health principles have been violated, the only true "cure" is for the body to restore its own protective mechanisms by removing those physical and spiritual roadblocks that hinder health restoration or healing. Course studies in Naturopathy teach principles that would build immunity, improve mental health and enhance overall body functions. It is designed to teach the student on how to make man whole through restoring the total person physically, intellectually, spiritually and morally. It will also teach on how to attain good health, happiness, and prosperity in life.